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Help Candi Andi

 Hello!  I’m Andrea, a 5th generation seamstress and textile artist, and the creator of my company Candi Andi .  I’ve recently been provided with an amazing opportunity to take my company one step closer to my dream of opening a retail store/studio space in which I can create, sell and ship my products, hire fellow seamstresses, start a creative sewing studio, and help rejuvenate my beautiful hometown of Endicott, NY. 

Just last month, Candi Andi was selected out of several hundred applicants to join just a handful of fellow artisans to supply product to the Bon Ton department stores in their new "Close to Home " departments.  Last week I received their initial purchase order that will put my product in several stores throughout New York state next month.   Candi Andi has a growing customer base stretching to all 50 states but this contract with the Bon Ton will simultaneously market my products to an unprecedented number of potential customers.   

Being familiar with the upfront costs required to fulfill such a large order, and the very tight delivery deadline of April 30th, I've created this GoFundMe site to help me quickly raise the necessary capital for the following major purchases:

-          Cost of goods:  Fabric, thread, fills (flax seeds & lavender)
-          Packaging
-          Contract Labor:  Additional seamstresses for production
-          Shipping:  Boxes and labels


For the past 18 years out of my home-based studio, I have been making BEAUTIFUL quality therapeutic body care pillows, heat wraps and sleep masks along with lovely one of a kind throw pillows and sachets.  My pillows are all handmade to order like individual pieces of art and are created in small batches.  The materials we use are incredibly tactile, colorful and interesting, and they’re paired with all-natural ingredients including flax seeds, buckwheat hulls and lavender blossoms.

My small beloved staff of stay at home moms that work seamstress contract labor from their own homes are ready to assist me with production.  Building these type of stock levels for the Bon Ton will bring a considerable increase in work for my seamstresses which means a more consistent paycheck and will create job stability.

Having experience working with large chain stores and distribution facilities, as well as selling to high end resorts and retail stores, by far my biggest hurdle to conquer is the overhead of increased amounts of materials and labor necessary to build pre-order product.  Working capital would allow me to buy materials in larger lots, which brings the costs down, and in turn creates higher profit margins.  Building and maintaining these type of stock levels will also allow me to delivery quickly and at higher profitability, which in turn gives us more ability to compete in the marketplace.

Candi Andi resources are very modest at this time so I’m asking...would you, from my valued customers and supporters to strangers looking to help others achieve their dreams, be interested in donating to help me reach this goal?  I’d truly appreciate any donation big or small, every little bit will help!  And your continued support by simply spreading the word about my wonderful products is ALWAYS appreciated!  Thank you!